If you live in a rural or isolated part of the country you may have struggled to get broadband Internet access or reliable wired over-land connections through your traditional telephone lines.

Here at Wired4Digital we have a specialist and accredited Satellite Internet broadband installers ready to fit and install the necessary equipment for your rural home or business to start enjoying fast and reliable Internet speeds that will enable you to do more online.

As a professional connectivity specialists whether your requirements be commercial or personal we have all bases covered.

How it works

All you require is a single compatible Internet broadband satellite mounting on your home, property or business premises. This is then coupled with an appropriate subscription from a reputable Internet Service Provider whose specialism is in providing Satellite broadband to it’s customers.

What the costs are

It’s worth knowing that Satellite subscriptions normally cost more than that of a typical city or town telephone or fiber optic connection. However for most of our customers living in small villages and farm lands, the benefits to their businesses and families far outweigh the costs involved.

Talk to a professional

If you’re considering Satellite Broadband and wish to be free of limitation and want to get more done we’d love to hear from you.

To speak to a trained and qualified member of our team please call: 0797 444 8518


Please consider taking a minute a look at the below video for a graphical explanation of Satellite Broadband connections: